The adventures of Unemployed Man

This is a great comic book. It’s a funny and clever story, and especially great are the super villains including The OutSourcerer, Loophole and The Broker. Find out more here: Official site

Unemployed Man

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Friday night is riot night

This has been floating round for a while, but it’s so beautiful I had to track it down. Go to The Centennial Society to view the entire sequence of images:

Office riot instructions


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Been out for a while, but one of the best reels around:

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AE: best render settings

Some more great tips from the motion guru, Andrew Kramer:

Normal render: Quicktime, PhotoJPG compression
Better render: Quicktime, PNG compression
Best render: Quicktime, Animation compression

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The future of comics?

Here are some ideas from Scott McCloud and Jim Fallone that I’ve basically summarised and added a few bits.

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Nakamat – Bonafide crazy genius

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu is so cool he shouldn’t really exist. He’s the kind of stereotypical crazy inventor you usually only find in comic books and children’s TV.

Ever heard of CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks? They’re his. The digital watch? That’s his. Fax machine, synthesizer, karaoke machine, the list goes on. And when I say it goes on, I mean it really goes on. He has over 3,000 patents to his name, the most in the world. To put that in context, that’s three times as many as Thomas Edison, who holds second place. So he’s a great inventor? He has come up with lots of great ideas? That’s not the coolest thing about this guy. What makes him so cool, what makes him so loveable, is that he’s a little bit crazy as well.

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Recycled sculptures from Sayaka Kajita Ganz

Her wonderful exhibition ‘Emergence’ is just one of a collection of inspiring work. Very talented indeed.

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3D Grafffiti

Graffiti Technica combines awesome style and 3D skills to create these killer motion graphics.

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Vanishing Point by Bonsajo

Great colour, form and snappy timing. A real lesson in tailoring the visuals to the music.

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How the Social Web Destroys Traditional Marketing

An interesting and thought-provoking article by Thomas Baekdal with useful illustrations. Excerpt:

The social web is cheaper, faster, much bigger, more powerful, direct, up-close, and far quicker than anything in the past. The social web is filled with people talking about companies and products. 20% of all discussions are brand related.

The big question is then, how do you do it right? How do you become a part of people stream. How do you connect?

And the answer is very simple… You get invited!

Read the whole article here:

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Painting a parallel universe

Glamourous, sunbathing couples, tropical foliage and derelict architecture are just some of the elements Chloe Early mixes together in her surreal, dreamy paintings. She’s got an exhibition from 6th-29th November at Stolenspace gallery in London.


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Subversive sculpture

These amazing fractured sculptures are made by one Gehard Demetz from Germany. Reminds me a bit of The Midwich Cuckoos.


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