Nakamat – Bonafide crazy genius

Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu is so cool he shouldn’t really exist. He’s the kind of stereotypical crazy inventor you usually only find in comic books and children’s TV.

Ever heard of CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks? They’re his. The digital watch? That’s his. Fax machine, synthesizer, karaoke machine, the list goes on. And when I say it goes on, I mean it really goes on. He has over 3,000 patents to his name, the most in the world. To put that in context, that’s three times as many as Thomas Edison, who holds second place. So he’s a great inventor? He has come up with lots of great ideas? That’s not the coolest thing about this guy. What makes him so cool, what makes him so loveable, is that he’s a little bit crazy as well.

  • He eats one meal a day and only sleeps four hours a night.
  • He invented and markets his own food and a special electronic chair to stimulate the brain.
  • His best ideas often come from the bottom of his pool, where he had developed a special technique to hold his breathe and a special underwater notepad to record his ideas. He gets ‘flashes’ of inspiration 0.5 seconds before death!
  • He fully expects to live to 144 years old and have 6000 patents by then.
  • He has photographed and analysed every single meal he’s had for the past 35 years.

Music often helps him get in that creative mood. Beethoven helped him imagine the floppy disk, but Mozart or Bach are not suitable for invention. Of course jazz is not suitable either he says. Of course not, that would be crazy. I’ve got to say, the more I looked into this guy the more I liked him. He seems full of life, quirky and just an all-round good egg. There’s a nice video of him here.

I respect his view that everyone can invent things, and everyone can help solve problems and make the world a better place. Definitely a man ahead of his time, I hope he lives to see 144 and may the inventions keep on coming!


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