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The adventures of Unemployed Man

This is a great comic book. It’s a funny and clever story, and especially great are the super villains including The OutSourcerer, Loophole and The Broker. Find out more here: Official site Advertisements

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Friday night is riot night

This has been floating round for a while, but it’s so beautiful I had to track it down. Go to The Centennial Society to view the entire sequence of images:  

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Vanishing Point by Bonsajo

Great colour, form and snappy timing. A real lesson in tailoring the visuals to the music.

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Mesmerising motion graphics

Enchanting and inspiring. WOW is the studio that produced this.

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Return of the Jawa

Jawa is Nils Davey, an artist, designer and illustrator based in London and LA. I’ve been following him for a while on DeviantArt, but he’s also doing design and got some great illustration skills.

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Film the Blanks

A really simple idea. Clues are added to the posters over time and points are awarded for guessing what film it is. How many film posters do you recognise? Link

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It’s good to be Bad

Cool posters for sale from Bad Lab:

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Powers of Ten – Charles and Ray Eames

Amazing short documentary from Charles and Ray Eames. Still fascinating even 30 years after it was made. “From the macro to the micro, from the universe to quark! (This is an edited excerpt from the IMAX film Cosmic Voyage. The … Continue reading

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