Eye candy from Clusta

Conceptual work by Clusta, who have also done some nice websites, such as this one.

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Mesmerising motion graphics

Enchanting and inspiring. WOW is the studio that produced this.

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Hackable Munny speakers

This has been around for a while, but it’s smart, and Instructables is a very cool site. I’m thinking of having a crack at this myself as soon as I can find some cheap toys.

Munny Speakers

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Sofa with a twist

This looks like a chunky, heavy lump, which I like. The cool thing though, is it’s actually a soft, cushioned sofa with wood print on the fabric. Genius from Swedish group, Front.


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Josh Keyes

The paintings of American artist Josh Keyes are like those cross-section diagrams in geography textbooks from school, but with a surreal, modern day twist which I love.


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David Foldvari + Charlie Brooker = Dream team

One of my favourite illustrators, David Foldvari, has just finished a stint working for the Guardian and Observer newspapers. He produced images for none other than Charlie Brooker, one of my favourite writers. His latest work can be seen at Big Active.


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Update – C215 solo exhibition in London

I went to the Signal Gallery in East London today to check out this show. I wasn’t disappointed. Although quite a small gallery the quality of the work was inspiring. C215 is a very talented and hard-working artist whose portraits and landscapes are very detailed and contain real character. His use of colours is also outstanding, especially where he has painted beyond the borders of each canvas. Definitely worth the trip, and I urge you to go and take a look for yourselves.

More pictures after the jump:

C125-J Continue reading

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Sébastien Cannone – Awesome showreel

Sébastien Cannone has got some crazy skills. Easily one of the best showreels that I’ve seen.


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Delta exhibiting in London

Dutch artist Delta creates these elaborate architectural pieces, but the overall form flows organically and retains that essential graffiti style. He’s got a joint show on with Dalek at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms from 28 August – 26 September 2009.


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C215 – solo show in London

I’ve mentioned him before, and many of you will probably have seen his stuff in various cities around the world. Well, now he’s got a solo show called Shoeshiners at the Signal Gallery in East London. 

“I have met many street shoe-shiners during my trips around the world. They represent the lower class of urban workers. Almost beggars, they construct their boxes from a light and cheap material, just one handmade box containing brushes and creams offering a job that less and less people need. When they get a customer, the working dynamic turns into a humiliating symbol – one bending before the other, polishing his shoes, while the superior one gets annoyed or bored, looking around. Shoe-shining, in French, gave birth to numerous ways of describing flattery: “polishing”, “shining”, “boots-licker”… The lost pride of real street shoe-shiners is easy to encompass with such words, but are we not all discretely licking arses everyday to promote ourselves?”


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Painting with music

It’s been around for a while, but this is an amazing bit of interactive animation to promote the single Soy tu aire by Spanish band Labuat.

Conceived and art directed by Herraiz Soto & Co, animated by Jossie Malis, creative programming by Badabing!


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Must-see exhibition in London

Talented San Franciscan artist Sylvia Ji is having a solo exhibition at StolenSpace gallery in East London this September. Should be amazing!


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